Psychosocial workshops for children

Psychosocial workshops are designed for elementary school children and are aiming to develop children’s potential: communication, social and emotional skills, encouraging attention and concentration as well as providing emotional support.

Each workshop is carried out in the planned order of activity, which is a thoughtful set of exercises and exchange of experiences in accordance with the theme and goal of an individual workshop.

Through the program, we help the children with:

• developing concentration and persistence in a given activity

• developing skills in dealing with others

• expressing feelings and nonviolent conflict resolution

• learning about and applying different relaxation techniques

• encouraging friendship and mutual respect

• developing self-esteem and positive self-image.

Group size: Working with children is organized in small, closed groups of 4-8 participants.

Duration: Workshops are held through a cycle of 5 meetings, once a week for 1 hour.