What is psychological counselling?

Psychological counselling is a process of psychological strengthening of a person facing difficulties and which they find difficult in dealing with. It is carried out with the goal to gradually overcome the problem and to achieve greater life satisfaction.

The approach to psychological counselling depends on your specific problem, your expectations and needs. There are many different methods a counselor can use and their use also depends on their professional orientation.

The result and success of counselling depends largely on your motivation, desire to work on yourself, applying what you have learned and completing assignments between your sessions.

Given the fact that during psychological counselling you face yourself and current inadequate patterns of behavior and thinking, you could experience some transient unpleasant feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety, fear….

However, long term counseling leads to greater quality relationships with others, more successful solving and overcoming of problems, ameliorating or completely removing symptoms and generally to greater satisfaction and self acceptance in situations we find ourselves in.