About us

Centre Sirius is a centre for psychological counseling, educational training and research. It was founded on 27 July 2006 with the goal of promoting, implementing and advancing psychological and psychosocial assistance and support in order to prevent risky behaviour and improve quality of life for individuals, families, groups and society at large.

The Centre provides counselling and education to children, youth, adults, families and organisations faced with everyday problems and to improve their quality of life. Moreover, the Centre organises expert seminars, lectures, courses and workshops.

The Sirius Centre comprises of a team of experts from the field of psychology who work closely with psychiatrists, social educators, speech therapists, social workers and art educators. Business experts run programs for establishing entrepreneurships.

VISION (Why we exist)

Establishing a credible organisation, which will facilitate development of a humane society in a way that all of its members recognise and develop their working and professional potential, thus actively contributing to the overall good of the community.

MISSION (How we operate – achieve our goal)

By developing psycho-social and educational support and assistance for all members of society with special emphasis on children and youth through organising and running educational training, counselling and research.


  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Working with clients has to be performed in a responsible and expert manner in accordance with ethical and professional standards when offering services. We base our work on high ethical and legal standards.
  • Accepting differences
  • Differences should be treasured and seen as a precondition for building a humane and democratic society.
  • Humanity and human rights
  • Through interaction of differences we develop new forms of functioning based on equality of dignity and rights for all members of society.
  • Open collaboration with others.
  • Building a humane society and nurturing values on which it is founded is only possible if we all work towards that goal.